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Office space is expensive, and the rent YOU pay to house file

cabinets and boxes can be put to more profitable use.

Self-storage facilities are expensive and YOU have to manage

the boxes in the unit. That means time and effort to root

through the unit, behind the lawn mower, to find the box on

the bottom that is squashed and wet. Other record centers

(the big guys) lock YOU into contracts with ridiculous fees to

get YOUR boxes back. They raise YOUR price every year.

And customer service?...don't get us started.


Atlantic Data and Records Management is different. We help you

organize your records, so YOU know what you have. It's then our

job to find what YOU need. No more trips to the self-storage unit

for the quest for the hidden box. No more bills for storage and

activity that NASA couldn't figure out. It's simple. YOUR boxes

and files will be securely stored in our Record Center.

YOU only pay for the space you need. YOU will understand

your bill. YOU will have more office space, and we never forget

that these are YOUR boxes, we just care for them while they

are in our facility. And boy do we care.



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